• The EVENT - Online Edition

The EVENT - Online Edition

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Video recordings of Justin & Mary present: The EVENT - Live from the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on 1/5/16.

This is SIX HOURS of incredible, practical content for every area of your business including these TEN full length talks:

* Mary Marantz on The 5 Lies in Business We Have to Lay Down
* Natalie Franke on Cutting Edge Marketing
* Jennifer Olmstead on Friends Don't Let Friends Have Boring Branding
* Abby Grace on The Gentle No: How to Stop People Pleasing & Say Yes to Your Life
* Hope Taylor on The Fast Track Business: One Year to a Thriving Business
* Mary Marantz on The Core of Authentic Posing
* Justin Marantz on The J&M Lighting Bootcamp
* Elle Danielle on Law 101 for Photographers
* Ashley Scobey on a Workflow That Will Get You Your LIFE Back
* Mary Marantz on Making Your Work Worth More

And we also have these two extra BONUS highlight recap videos:
* Jenna Kutcher on Defining Success on Your Own Terms
* Katelyn James on Micro Changes that Create Macro Results


**Please note that this is a recording of a LIVE event, so the lighting & audio are subject to the elements of that day and not as perfect as they would be in a closed studio recording. However, we believe the quality of content MORE than makes up for that! :)

**NOTE: there are absolutely NO refunds on digital products! This sale is FINAL!

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