• The Lighting Guide - Foundations Edition

The Lighting Guide - Foundations Edition

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The J&M Lighting Guide- the Foundations Edition is the first & the foundational ebook in our brand new lighting series. We are going to be rolling out a whole series of smaller guides (editions) over the next few months that deal with more specific lighting scenarios like dark ceremonies, shooting the couple at night, shooting in barns, shooting in tents, shooting the reception details, and more. But this Guide, with over 100 pages,  lays the foundation for all the other ones, and covers all the basics of our philosophy of lighting. This includes: creating directional & dimensional light, the 5 characteristics of light, finding your angles, making the light go to work for you, how to set up & work your off-camera light and where to place it, how to determine which power to set it to, Manual v. TTL, the benefits of umbrella v. soft box and why you need both, how to make the most of your bounce flash & make it feel like a larger light, how to say goodbye to awful, mixed light once and for all, how to have the confidence to know that you always bring the light no matter what, and much, much more!

**This course contains a 100+ page ebook & digital download of a one hour video.

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