• 001 The Lighting Bundle

001 The Lighting Bundle

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-The Lighting Guide - Foundations Edition ebook & companion video 

-The Lighting the Bridal Details Guide & companion video 

BONUS 1: Lighting Bootcamp Video from The Fillmore in Washington, DC

BONUS 2: The Guide - The Anatomy of The Reverse Sell

***A value of OVER $550!!!! 


What's included!!

  • How to deal with ugly color casts once and for all!!
  • The step by step process J&M will walk you though to use every time, in ANY room, to make your flash feel just like a window.
  • How to cut out nasty mixed light & why you HAVE to deal with that in camera when you're shooting not later in Lightroom!
  • The 5 Characteristics of Light and how to use them to your advantage to match the flash to your signature style.
  • The 30 Second Lighting set up that you can take with you anywhere & how we travel with it, and a checklist of must have lighting gear.
  • Recommended starting settings for shooting the bridal details.
  • How to use the Relative Size of the Light & Contrast to achieve a flawless natural light style.
  • How to shoot small, medium, large, and special case details (like the perfume) & what you have to keep in mind for each of them.
  • Drawing your angles of light in tight spaces for dimensional, dynamic images
  • How to use light to make everything look more elegant & high end.
  • Before & After photos you'll have to see to believe
  • Homework drills you can start working on to put the new knowledge into p

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